Seasonal Camps

Hyundai organised a week long summer car care camp at their Service Centres to give your cars a free preventive check-up. This camp offered various benefits* to our customers-

• Free 18-point AC Checkup

• Free Top Wash

• 20% Discount on AC Service (Labour)

• 10% Discount on Mechanical Labour

• 10% Discount on AC Parts

• 10% Discount on AC Gas

• 20% Discount on AC Disinfectant

So get your car checked at nearest Hyundai Service Centre and have a happy Summer.

*Terms & Conditions apply.

At Hyundai we believe in addressing customer problems even before they arise. Thus we organise various seasonal camps to prepare your car for the coming season. Monsoon check up camp is organised to provide a preventive maintenance for Hyundai cars during monsoon. During rainy season a car needs its underbody and wiper assembly to be in perfect condition. 

This camp ensures trouble free performance of Hyundai cars in the rains. The information about the camp- schedule and benefits, is shared through our various digital media platforms- e-mails, social media, websites.

During this camp all our customers can come to the workshops and get their vehicles checked for for brake fluid lines, tyre conditions, wiper arms, power window operations, central locking operation etc. Not only you get this free vehicle check-up but our expert technicians also guide you on safe driving during rains.
For more details contact your nearest Hyundai Dealership.

*Terms & Conditions apply.

Similar to Summer Car Care Camp, Winter Car Care Camps are especially organized in northern part of the country. The main objective of this camp is to provide preventive maintenance for the cars and prepare them to face the tough winter conditions. The campaign does not rest till ‘check ups’ only but is also an initiative to educate customer so as to maximize trouble free performance of the vehicle during winter.

During winter Car Care, points focused upon or considered are car underbody such as oil leaks, shock absorber leakage, exhaust system mountings and leakage, Brake and fuel lines for leakage etc. Under hood check up includes oil level, coolent level, radiator fan operation, steering fluid, clutch and accelerator free play, breather hose connections, fuses and relays etc. and interior and Exterior checks to ensure safe drive during freezing temperatures.

A well maintained car accomplishes two things for customers when winter weather hits; customers can drive confidently through the weather hazard and they don’t have to wait in long lines at the tire dealership or auto parts store with all the people waiting until the last minute.