Any person who owns a Hyundai Car in India and has got done his Car's first service from Hyundai service Center.

Registration can be done in 4 easy steps :

  • Fill in the registration form correctly and press submit button
  • A Thank you screen will appear
  • Login to your registered mail ID to access the mail from email ID Aftersales@hmil.net that contains your User ID and password.
  • Click on the link given in the mail to activate the account (within 10 days) and login with given User ID and password.

Your registration is complete.

There could be 4 reasons for registration failure :

  • You have just purchased the car and its due for its first service: To maintain security we cross check the data entered by you with our data base, that is generated only when your car goes for its first service at Hyundai Dealership workshop.
  • In case of Wrong name or Name spelling: The name registered by your Dealer at the time of Sale is considered as a security check. Following mistakes can generate an error
    • If sale dealer has entered different spelling in his data base e.g. "Swarup" instead of "Swaoop" and customer is trying to register with "Swaroop "as name.
    • If vehicle registered in some other family members' name but you are trying to register with your name e.g. Vehicle was registered in wife's name and husband is trying to create an account.
    • You are the second or later owner of the car, but data has not been updated in the system .i.e. the Dealer data base still shows the previous owner as the current owner of the car.
  • In case of Wrong VIN entered: VIN is your vehicles' unique identity and it is of 17 digits. The complete VIN must be entered.
  • In case of Wrong Owner Type entered: If you are the second or later owner of the car, the same must be correctly selected from the list.

For cases related with data, kindly contact your Vehicle Sale dealer and request him to update your details in the system. Same details must be used to complete the registration.

The above error message occurs whenever there is mismatch in entries made in registration form and dealer database. Please refer previous question.

Kindly, contact your Vehicle Sale dealer and request him to update your details in the system.

This can happen due to 2 reasons :

  • You are trying to login using wrong password.
    In such a case, kindly use 'Forgot Password' option or refer the Thank you mail to see original password
  • Your registration was successful but account activation is pending.

Click on the link in Thank you mail, within 10 days of registration to activate your account.

If that period is missed then send your request to us through crservice@hmil.net.